Individual Therapy

Any of us, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, relationship status or role in life, can struggle with issues. These issues may stem from experiences in our past or our present and may leave us feeling overwhelmed, lonely, disconnected or confused about how to be ok with ourselves and others. Therapy can help us make sense of what we are struggling with and find solutions that free us up to have a better relationship with ourselves and others. The length of therapy can vary depending on the person, we usually start with weekly sessions that can taper off to every 2 weeks as the person makes progress.

€70 per session

Couples Therapy

Many couples in long term, intimate relationships come to a stage where their differences and disagreements seem impossible to get over, or they realise they have grown apart and don't communicate much anymore. One or both partners may question the relationship and this can be a time of enormous stress, emotional upheaval and confusion. Therapy is a safe, non - judgemental, space where both partners can explore their individual experiences within the relationship and hear each other's perspective. The therapist can help them communicate better, understand the reason behind their relationship difficulties and support them to break the cycle of conflict and/or disconnection.

€100 per session

Walk & Talk Therapy

Sitting face to face in the therapy room is not for everyone and combining therapy, exercise and nature together can have profound positive effects on people. More and more research is uncovering the physical and mental health benefits of the blue and green of the outdoors. Walk and Talk therapy takes place in a park or woodland near the therapy rooms and follows the same process as other therapy. It is tailored to the needs and pace of the client and can involve sitting for periods and interacting with nature in a mindful way. Something about the active walking and surroundings can bring about creative solutions and deeper meaning.

€70 per session